• I like my 3 year old Revolution so much, I don’t want to jinx him by saying anything!

    Shawn Flarida,
  • My Revolution 3 year old is super good minded and has a ton of stop…very trainable.  For a filly, she doesn’t get frazzled and handles the pressure I put on her.

    Pete DeFreitas,
  • Both of my Revolution 2 year olds are big stoppers and easy to train with lots of natural talent.

    Deon Locke,
  • Everyone who sees my 3 year old filly thinks she looks like her Pappa stopping and circling.  She feels like how “Junior” looks…baby-style!

    Patti Brownshadel,
  • We have two 2-yr olds sired by “Junior”, Revolutionic and Revolicious.  They are both exceptional horses. If they all ride like them, then LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN!

    Gabe Hutchins,
  • I love my Einsteins Revolution two year old so much that I went and bought the full sister that is a yearling!

    Dr. Jim Morgan,
  • I absolutely love my 3 yr old Revolution. He is a huge turner and stopper and very handy upfront. He is a lot of fun to train. Everyday I can get on right were I left off the day before.  He retains everything.

    Grischa Ludwig, multiple European Champion, Top 20 NRHA Rider,